It was May 1980 and PAC-MAN was born in Japan.It was created by game designer Tori Iwatani who was the chief developer for Namco Limited. Pac-Man is often credited with being a landmark in video game history and is among the most famous arcade games of all time.More than 350,000 Pac-Man arcade cabinets were sold worldwide,retailing at around $2400 each and totalling around $1 billion ($2.4 billion in 2011), within 18 months of release. By 1982, the game had sold 400,000 arcade machines worldwide and an estimated 7 billion coins had been inserted into Pac-Man machines. In addition, United States revenues from Pac-Man licensed products (games, T-shirts, pop songs, wastepaper baskets, etc.) exceeded $1 billion The game was estimated to have had 30 million active players across the United States in 1982.

Coming back to 2018 and to symbolise the great 1980s the year the arcade game was released RJ-Romain Jerome unveiled its third Pac-Man model in a collaboration with Bandai Namco Entertainment, Limited  to only 80 pieces

The black dial with a mirror-polished finish is a good change from the earlier models. The well polished titanium bezel encircling it reveals a maze where PAC-MAN™ sets off on a race to chomp ghosts and hunt for cherries and Pac-Dots.

The game’s scene was depicted by crafting 27 components by hand which are separated into three levels shown on the dial. The blue aluminium that walls off the maze is sanded on the edges and polished on top. The raised walls were filled with black lacquer to heighten the 3D effect.Each applique was meticulously filled by hand with several different colours of lacquer. The brand’s monogram was given a satin finish and is framed at 12:00.

Watchbazar feels the new PACMAN LEVEL III truly is a.great tribute to the game and in line with  RJ brand’s playful spirit.