Swiss Watch Making Industry …Update November 2017

Swiss Watch Industry maintains its uptrend in November 2017 with a 6.3% growth as compared to last y o y.The total value of exports stood at just under 2.0 billion francs.

The main markets for Swiss watch industry exports alternated between strong rises and moderate falls in November. Hong Kong (+4.4%) confirmed its recovery with its eighth positive month for the year. The situation in the United States (-0.4%) continued to recover gradually but remained distinctly negative over the year as a whole. Continuing on its upward trend.

China (+39.8%) recorded its strongest growth for the past 30 months.

The sustained pace of sales in the United Kingdom (-1.9%) has run out of steam since September, showing that the market seems to have stabilized.

Japan (+22.5%) grew strongly for the second month in succession, no doubt reflecting higher demand linked to tourism, especially visitors from China.

Europe also saw contrasting trends with Italy (+5.0%), Germany (-0.2%), France (+19.0%) and Spain (-6.5%)

The 200-500 francs category reported the best performance with growth in the order
of 20% while watches priced at less than 200 francs posted a substantial fall in November.